Viking Modular Solutions and Shocking Technologies Deliver Solid State Solutions

Viking Modular Solutions, a division of Sanmina-SCI Corporation, and leading manufacturer of innovative memory and flash
solutions, today announced availability of its first product featuring
Shocking Technologies Xstatic Voltage Switchable Dielectric
polymer material that protects electronic components from
harmful electrostatic discharge.

"We are extremely proud of the work we have done with Shocking
Technologies and look forward to delivering a family of ESD protected
Viking Modular Solutions products," stated Adrian Proctor, Vice
President of Marketing for Viking Modular Solutions. "ESD is a major
threat to any electronic product and we believe this technology will
provide customers with a level of data security never seen before."

The CompactFlash card from Viking Modular Solutions can
withstand 30KV per the IEC 61004-2 test required for CompactFlash cards.
It then takes a further step by increasing direct pin contact discharge
protection to 19KV HBM (level 4 semiconductor protection), eight times
the level of a standard CompactFlash card. This Viking Modular Solutions
ESD protected CompactFlash card is a product deriving from initial
development work at Sanmina-SCI and incubation from Shocking

"It’s exciting to see our technology being introduced to the
world by our partner Sanmina-SCI and its Modular Solutions division,"
said Lex Kosowsky, President and CEO of Shocking Technologies. "While
this technology will proliferate through the industry, from solid state
flash drives to cell phones, it is truly fitting that Viking Modular
Solutions will be the first to lead the industry in bringing this new
ESD technology to market."

ESD is a serious issue in solid state electronics, whereby the
semiconductor integrated circuits (ICs) material can suffer permanent
damage when subjected to high voltages. The most common and spectacular
form of ESD is the "spark," which occurs when a strong electric field
creates and ionized conductive channel in the air. This occurrence
causes a slight discomfort to people, but will cause severe damage to
electronic equipment.

Viking Modular Solutions continues to advance its leadership
role by proactively developing and delivering high technology products
that optimize the value and performance of its customers’ applications
in the Network Infrastructure, Embedded, Defense & Aerospace and
Enterprise markets.


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