Airtel announces 4 Mbps Unlimited Broadband at Rs. 899

Airtel, country’s leading telecommunication
provider which is a Catagory-’A’ Internet Service Provider(ISP) introduces new
broadband plans with a impressive bandwidth offering of 4Mbps. Tagged by
‘Impatience Plans@4Mbps’ Airtel Broadband reaches a new dimension with
these economical  plans starting from Rs. 899. Airtel’s ’Impatience
Plans@4Mbps’ is currently available in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon,
Bangalore, Mumbai
and Chennai Only.

introduction of such plans Airtel users can get a maximum download speed
of 512KBps – a 700MB movies can be downloaded in less than half a hour,
watch the streaming video with out no waiting for buffering and a song
within 10 seconds.

Airtel is saying these are unlimited plan, Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is
applicable in all plans; you can download a certain amount of data at
4Mbps and then speed will be 256Kbps, which can be used as unlimited.
With all plans Airtel is also providing free goodies like website
buidler kit, PC Secure, Gaming
and Online storage.

Have a glance to Airtel’s Impatience Plans@4Mbps :-

 Plan name                     Impatience 899 Impatience 1099 Impatience 1399 Impatience 1799
 Rental (Rs)  899  1099  1399  1799
 Download @ 4Mbps 6GB         12GB                   25GB               
 Bandwidth post-4Mbps 256kbps  256kbps  256kbps  256kbps
 Download@ 256kbps  unlimited
 Free Website Builder worth (Rs) 250  250  250  250
 Free PC Secure (Rs)    125  125  125
 Free Unlimited Gaming (Rs)      199  199
Online storage
worth (Rs)
     99  99


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