Foundry pushes IPv6 options for Terathon switches

Foundry Networks Inc. will begin a drive at NetWorld+Interop next week (May 3) to move carriers and enterprise customers to Internet Protocol Version 6.

New modules for the Terathon switching platform, which is used in both the BigIron MG8 for enterprises and the NetIron 40G, will offer dual-stack support for both IPv4 and IPv6, including full support for multicast protocols including Multicast Listener Recovery.

On the surface, support for IPv6 means expanding address support to 128 bits and increasing tunneling capability for packets. But Bob Schiff, director of product management at Foundry, said that transition to IPv6 must be handled carefully when legacy routers or switches remain in the network.

Existing IPv4 equipment may have reduced performance when used in networks with dual-stack support, he said, and enterprise customers must prepare for the end of equipment supporting Network Address Translation.

News source: CommsDesign


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