Bohemian Coding announced Fontcase 1.5

Bohemian Coding has released Fontcase 1.5, a free update to their popular font manager. Fontcase has an intuitive and uncluttered interface; while it may look simplistic, there are a lot features built in. Fontcase 1.5 adds auto-activation, duplicates-detection and more while still keeping the focus of the application simple. Apple was kind enough to award Fontcase with an Apple Design Award this year and we’re confident the new Fontcase 1.5 will add further value for our customers.

Auto-activation works as one would expect without the need to install any plug-ins. Fontcase will automatically activate any missing fonts and also deactivate them again when Fontcase quits. As of version 1.5, Fontcase will now also periodically check the standard font folders to see if any fonts have been added lately. If they’re not present in the library, Fontcase will automatically import them.

It desirable to avoid activating the same font multiple times and yet it’s easy to get this wrong. Fontcase 1.5 helps by automatically warning you whenever this occurs and it’ll let you disable one of them easily. To make it easy to backup your library, Fontcase adds a new export feature that is smart enough to do only incremental backups of your library including any metadata in a universal XML file; we have no intention of locking you in.

Last but not least, Fontcase 1.5 dramatically reduces launch time and boosts the overall speed of the application significantly while at the same time reclaiming valuable disk space by better compressing cache files by a factor of 10. Especially users with big libraries will see a significant performance boost. We’ve also fixed several bugs from the previous versions and we’re confident our customers will appreciate the new Fontcase 1.5.

New features include:

  • Often-requested auto-activation
  • Automatic detection of duplicate font activations
  • Automatic detection of newly installed fonts
  • Incremental export of fonts and associated metadata
  • Greatly enhanced speed when working with large libraries
  • Several bugfixes

Minimum Requirements:

  • Mac OS X Version 10.5 or higher
  • Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel

Language Support:

  • English

Pricing and Availability:
Fontcase 1.5 is available as a full-featured demo. A single user license is 42.00 Euros ($55.00 USD).


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