Aptify RAD with Silverlight 4.0 is now available

Aptify, a leading provider of Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform solutions announces a new version of Aptify RAD, featuring comprehensive capabilities for Silverlight 4.0 from Microsoft. This release of Aptify RAD increases the already better than 50% productivity gain for developers of database-driven business applications. Internet applications platforms including Silverlight, have many business advantages including delivering a richer business applications experience than ever before possible on the web. The impact of Aptify RAD for Silverlight improves the Total Cost of Ownership.

Aptify RAD with Silverlight 4.0 allows non-developers and developers alike to increase their productivity in building database-driven apps for Silverlight. With Aptify RAD, you define your application requirements in meta-data, and Aptify RAD builds the database, business objects, SOA layer and user experience in Silverlight automatically. Both non-developers and programmers can then further refine the functionality and experience using Aptify or Microsoft Visual Studio.NET. Aptify RAD improves productivity through this accelerated model and also reduces Total Cost of Ownership by maintaining an application after it is first built. Furthermore, Aptify RAD is a complete SOA architecture and supports all commonly used methods for SOA integration with other platforms.

Aptify RAD is built on a pure Microsoft environment including SQL Server, .NET and Silverlight. Aptify RAD applications can easily integrate with a variety of other Microsoft applications including the Office Suite, Exchange, and SharePoint. Other technologies can be integrated easily through the SOA architecture.

Amith Nagarajan Aptify CEO says, “By using Aptify RAD, users can take full advantage of the Microsoft Silverlight 4.0 technology, SQL Server and .NET. The combination of Aptify RAD, with the latest Microsoft offerings delivers developer productivity gains of 50% or greater with a corresponding improvement in time-to-market. Additionally, the applications built on Aptify RAD are easily scalable from a departmental solution up through a full enterprise class environment.”

Aptify RAD is available for end-users, systems integrators and 3rd party Independent Software Vendors.


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