Democrasoft’s Flagship Product, Collaborize Launches at DEMO Spring 2010

Democrasoft today announced the launch of
Collaborize, an online service designed to harness the wisdom of both
external audiences and internal teams to address challenges and drive
toward actual implementation of collective solutions. The public
announcement of Collaborize was made at the DEMO Spring 2010

Collaborize arrives on the scene backed by 20 years of
technology expertise and Beta partners that include Medtronic, Monitor
Group, Robert Cringely, TechSoup Global, Maverick Media, Wine Industry
Network, Melamed Communications, One Hope Wine and others.

Collaborize empowers groups of all sizes; businesses,
non-profits, organizations, governments and their citizens. It taps into
the "Wisdom of We" to turn a group, organization or social network
into a community and give it a home online. With Collaborize, groups
with a common purpose can organize conversations, capture great ideas,
collect votes and streamline group decision-making online.

"Collaborize was conceived because the world’s challenges are
so large and pressing that they can’t be solved just by individuals. We
must rely on collective wisdom," says Richard Lang, serial entrepreneur
and CEO of Democrasoft. "Everyone — the individual, the voter, the
enterprise, the small business, the non-profit, the association, the
online community — has a need to be heard, something to offer, and can
help drive important decisions in real time."

Collaborize can be deployed in minutes, to turn any group with
a common purpose into a powerful online community.

"We chose Democrasoft’s Collaborize as one of our launch
companies at DEMO Spring because it is easy to use, affordable, and we
think it can make a difference in the world," said Matt Marshall,
Executive Producer of DEMO.


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