ATI Catalyst 10.3 Windows 7 Driver Analysis

The Catalyst 10.3 drivers are really weird this month. What tends to happen is that we’ll get the driver a few days before it goes up live on the ATI website. Once it goes live then we release our performance analysis comparing the latest version to the previous one.

This time around, though, it seems that ATI have ants in the pants and can’t keep still because they chose to release a preview driver of the 10.3s which is essentially the driver you’re going to see, except it’s non-WHQL. In saying that, the WHQL driver will miss Eyefinity 6 updates and an Alien vs. Predator optimization. We’re sure the 10.4s will include those updates, though.

Below is the full listing of new features and performance improvements you’ll see in the 10.3s. Let’s just let the list do the talking.


ATI Catalyst Mobility – monthly updates for the mobile crowd

ATI Eyefinity Technology Bezel Correction – compensate for your bezels so objects in your game move from one display to the other smoothly

ATI Eyefinity Technology Per Display Control – adjust for differences in each individual displays brightness, color and contrast

ATI Eyefinity Technology Multiple Display Groups – more display groups to give further control of your desktop with three displays or more connected

ATI Eyefinity Technology Display Configuration Switching – easily switch from one display mode to another

3D Stereoscopic 3D driver hooks – enables 3rd party middleware vendors to bring more 3D stereoscopic gaming options

Download ATI Catalyst 10.3 Windows 7


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