Mass Effect 2 DLC ‘Kasumi’s Lost Memory’ available from April 6

BioWare and Electronic Arts confirmed the imminent arrival of Mass Effect 2: Kasumi’s Lost Memory.

Mass Effect 2: Kasumi's Lost Memory

Announced at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco two weeks ago that, the first paying for additional content Mass Effect 2 Release remade today to clarify a few things.

The DLC in question, titled Mass Effect 2: Kasumi’s Lost Memory, will be available simultaneously on PC and Xbox 360 in exchange for 560 Microsoft Points / BioWare. The subject will be teaming up with Kasumi Goto, the most famous thief in the galaxy, to "visit" to dangerous collector. The mission ended, Kasumi will join the leading team of Commander Sheppard.

Mass Effect 2: Kasumi’s Lost Memory also incorporate a new weapon, the Locust SMG, and its output is 6 April. It is noteworthy that the release of a DLC BioWare fee will not stop to offer free content via the network Cerberus: tomorrow, so we should enjoy the free DLC Firewalker and missions aboard the Hammerhead tank.


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