Leading Telecom in Estonia Expands HD Offerings with Envivio IPTV Solution

Envivio, Inc. today announced that Elion, the largest
telecommunications provider in Estonia, has expanded its DigiTV IPTV
service using the Envivio 4Caster C4 Three Screens encoder for live
HD channels. The high efficiency and video quality provided by the
4Caster C4 HD chosen by Elion gives the company the flexibility it needs
to grow its popular IPTV service. Envivio will showcase its portfolio
of solutions for Mobile, IPTV and Internet service delivery at IPTV
World Forum 2010
in London from March 23-25.

4Caster C4 HD from Envivio significantly enhances video
quality over previous generation encoders while dramatically reducing
the bit rate required for delivering the highest quality HD to below
6Mbps. It enables Elion’s service to travel further and to more points
across its existing DSL network, extending its service to more potential
subscribers without the need to expand network infrastructure. That
same efficiency also gives Elion the capacity to carry more channels or
to increase the quality of its existing channels without increasing its
bandwidth overhead.

"DigiTV has proven to be an extremely popular service as part
of our triple play package," said Jaan Inno, technical development
department manager at Elion. "Our subscribers have come to expect
outstanding video quality and Envivio’s 4Caster C4 HD solution for IPTV
ensures that Elion can grow as needed while ensuring that we maintain
the very highest quality standards."

Sales and installation services for the systems were provided
by Envivio partner Scansatel, one of the leading service providers in
Finland and the Baltic region in the field of broadband and IP

4Caster C4 from Envivio combines the performance of the latest
generation Intel multi-core processors with advanced video compression
codecs developed by Envivio. Its flexible software architecture allows
Envivio to make continual quality enhancements and feature additions.
The high availability IPTV platform delivers 99.999% uptime and
unshakeable performance with fully redundant signal routing and power
management. Fault tolerance throughout the headend is increased by
redundant components administered via the Envivio 4Manager headend
management system which provides automatic 1+1 or N+1 redundancy
protection and high level service supervision. The 4Caster C4
encoder/transcoder can be extended to support distribution to mobile and
broadband devices.


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