VINDICO Group Selected as Preferred Video Technology Platform for VivaKi Networks

VINDICO Group, a division of BBE, announced today a video
advertising platform partnership with VivaKi Networks designed to make
the emerging digital video marketplace easier for advertisers to use.
Under the terms of the agreement, VINDICO Group will provide its
services to VivaKi agencies, including Mediavest, Starcom, Digitas,
Moxie, ZenithOptimedia, Spark and Razorfish.

Since 2006, VINDICO Group has been providing major brand
advertisers with standardized reporting and analytics for online video.
To date, VINDICO Group has managed, tracked and served tens of
billions of video impressions in a nascent, but rapidly growing market.

"VINDICO(TM) Group has been laying the foundation of the
digital video marketplace for years. VivaKi’s decision to write its
name in this ‘wet cement’ is a clear sign that the demand side is
getting serious about digital video," noted Matt Timothy, President of
VINDICO Group. "Standardization is the final step in the
acceleration of online video spend. By aligning with VINDICO Group,
VivaKi is helping to shape the future of the digital video space."

"Our goal is simple," stated Timothy. "We want to make the
Web a safe and effective vehicle for major TV advertisers to tell their

"Six years ago, BBE made a bet on the future of the online
video industry," commented BBE CEO and founder Matt Wasserlauf.
"Today’s announcement is one of the last pieces of the puzzle that
needed to be in place to effect the maturation of this industry."

VINDICO Group was an integral partner in the recent
VivaKi-led research initiative, "The Pool." That initiative brought
together media industry elites, including leading publishers and some of
the largest brand advertisers in the world. VINDICO Group’s
research and state-of-the-art analytics were critical to measuring
consumer reaction to more than 30 Web-video ad formats.

video is poised to become one of the most powerful touchpoints for
marketers vying to engage consumers. Sources indicate that nearly 80
percent of Internet users are online video viewers; and people are
spending about 137 minutes each week watching online videos," said Sean
Kegelman, SVP, Partnerships and Ventures for VivaKi. "As marketers move
into this space, they will benefit from the leadership of VINDICO
Group, which has created the ‘gold standard’ for tracking and analytics
in online video."

VINDICO Group helps marketers best leverage the
capabilities within the online video platform. In so doing, VINDICO
Group makes video advertising vastly more efficient and more relevant
to advertisers’ goals. As a newly separate division of BBE, the digital
media authority, VINDICO Group is setting the industry standard by
allowing advertisers to optimize online media buying and eliminate
wasted media impressions.


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