R5870 graphic card Lightning Broke Six World Records

GPU clock is boosted over 1400MHz!! With excellent overclocking capability, R5870 Lightning is the king of graphics card. At MSI/AMD Lightning Overclocking Contest 2010, Taiwan overclocker_NickShih achieved P28749 of 3DMark Vantage marks, which is the highest record at the contest. More impressively, NickShih demonstrated his incredible 1485MHz GPU clock and now he is the holder of six world records from his extreme overclocking of R5870 Lightning. Let us marvel at the ultimate overclocking performance of R5870 Lightning!

Create Six World Records in One Fell Swoop

NickShih, Taiwan overclocker, is currently far ahead with 3DMark Vantage score of P28749 at the MSI/AMD Lightning Overclocking Contest. Furthermore, NickShih did extreme overclocking by MSI R5870 Lightning with LN2 cooling solution to boost GPU clock up to 1480MHz which is the highest clock of HD 5870. He created six world records in the Single Card 3DMark03, Single Card 3Dmark05, Single Card 3DMark06, Single Card 3DMark Vantage, Multi Card 3DMark Vantage, and Single Card AquaMark. These world records are fine examples to show the overclocking capability of R5870 Lightning.

MSI R5870 Lightning is brilliantly equipped with 15-phase power design, two 8-PIN external power connectors, and LPL (Lightning Power Layer) specific PCB layout for sufficient power supply. With more features, including the industry first all Hi-C CAP for GPU, Twin Frozr II thermal design, 8mm SuperPipe technology, form-in-one heatsink, over-voltage function of GPU and etc., R5870 Lightning is a graphics card designed for overclocking and built for hardcore users.

Final Call for Lightning Challenge

Do you want to surmount NickShih’s record and win a grand prize? Before March 25th 5PM (GMT), visit the event website and upload your 3DMark Vantage P-score by MSI R5870 Lightning for a chance to win prizes up to USD1000.

On the other hand, the general users who are interested in overclocking can also participate in the Precision Challenge and the winner is awarded a R5870 Lightning graphics card. Moreover, participants matching the weekly score will get the game Shattered Horizon, a first person shooter from Futuremark.


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