Fujitsu Made a New Production Management System for Idemitsu Kosan Co

Fujitsu today announced that a new production management system that it built in collaboration with Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd., a leading petroleum distributor, began operations. The new system was deployed at Idemitsu’s compound manufacturing plant in Guangzhou, China, which produces functional polymers used in electronic devices and automotive electrical components.

This production management system is part of a robust ICT platform that supports Idemitsu’s product supply network in China and Southeast Asia.

Idemitsu contracts production of functional polymers to outside producers in Japan, Asia, Europe, and the US. However, to deal with a surge in demand, the company recently established its own manufacturing plant for the production of functional polymers, Idemitsu Compound Engineering Plastics (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

From the start of planning for the new plant, Idemitsu brought Fujitsu onto the project to build a production management system based on a robust ICT platform that supports stable, high-quality production while ensuring strong links between the Guangzhou-based compound manufacturing plant and Idemitsu’s head office.

Together with Fujitsu South China Limited, which has considerable systems-building expertise in South China, Fujitsu built a system that would serve as the bridge between Idemitsu’s Guangzhou plant and the company’s head office in Japan, while supporting local Chinese requirements—accounting and tax procedures, bond system(2), and tariff system—and maintaining flexible governance from Japan.

The new Fujitsu system handles a variety of tasks at the compound manufacturing plant, including order management, production planning, production tracking, shipment management, and warehouse management. It is based on Fujitsu’s production management solution PRONES, which is already deployed in more than 1,400 systems in Japan, China, and Southeast Asia, with several custom functions added to handle Idemitsu’s requirements and keep the new plant in close touch with the head office.

In addition to the production management system, Fujitsu is also responsible for the telecommunications network and anti-virus measures, providing complete support for the new plant’s ICT platform.

The Fujitsu Group looks forward to continuing to provide Idemitsu with solid system operations support in Japan and China, assisting the company’s business growth in China and Southeast Asia.



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