Slam Industries announced “WOUBIE”

By incorporating organizational elements, WOUBIE provides writers and comedians with an easy-to-use Web based tool to store, manage, categorize and search all of the key information about their writing projects and material, as well as the minutia data gathered and retained to support such work.

Detailed information about characters, facts, (real and fictional facts), locations (real & imaginary), comedy (i.e., jokes, sketches, gags) and several other items are stored and readily recalled after applying status, categories and subcategories to the data, allowing the user to easily locate specific information via the filter and search functions.

"Whether writing articles, books or jokes, writers juggle an immense amount of information," said Brenda Freeman, Chief Communication Officer for Slam Industries. "They wind up with ideas, facts and research material on stacks of paper, stuffed in folders, scribbled on post-it notes or stored in a maze of documents and folders on their computer. Having a tool that helps centralize and organize that information, so that it’s easy to search through and make use of, gives our customers the ability to better manage their time. And we’re offering a 30 day trial period for users to take WOUBIE for a test drive and fall in love."

Since WOUBIE is a web-based service, there’s no software to install and users conveniently receive upgrades and new functionality automatically, at no additional cost. Users can access data 24/7 from anywhere with an Internet connection, eliminating the fear of lost material from computer crashes and viruses, and the resulting need to regularly back up data.

Slam Industries’ Chief Executive Officer, Sue Morgan, said, "Although WOUBIE is a program geared towards writers, it’s not ‘writing software’ in the sense that it’s not intended to help a writer format a manuscript, arrange chapters or lay out a screenplay. WOUBIE is a data management tool, that by virtue of organizing data and projects, also becomes a time and business management tool for writers. For example, using WOUBIE, a comedian can store valuable information as to where he performed the set, how it went, which jokes worked and which did not. Not only does this keep him organized, but it can help improve his comedy by keeping content relevant and fresh for his audiences."


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