aXsGUARD Identifier: IDENTIKEY Server Technology on Authentication Appliance

VASCO Data Security Inc.; a leading
software security company specializing in authentication products, today
announced the release of the new version of aXsGUARD Identifier.
aXsGUARD Identifier now makes full use of IDENTIKEY Server technology
and provides DIGIPASS Authentication for Windows Logon.

aXsGUARD Identifier is a stand-alone authentication appliance
for small, medium and large enterprises wanting to improve the secure
access to corporate networks and applications for remote users or home
workers. The addition of IDENTIKEY dramatically widens the reach of
aXsGUARD Identifier. While previous versions of that product aimed at
small and medium sized enterprises, the new version also tackles large
corporations. IDENTIKEY is VASCO’s comprehensive authentication server
for network and application security offering OTP and e-signature
capability. It provides authentication through RADIUS, on IIS-based
applications and its SOAP interface enables the integration of strong
authentication in virtually any web based environment.

aXsGUARD Identifier now also supports DIGIPASS Authentication
for Windows Logon. DIGIPASS Authentication for Windows Logon offers
companies of all sizes a cost effective way of protecting their Windows
PCs against unauthorized access. Even when laptops are not connected to
the LAN, they remain protected, increasing the security of data stored
on them in case they go missing or get stolen. When laptops are used
outside the corporate network, for instance on the road or at home, the
log-on module will work in unconnected mode, allowing the same strong
authentication functionality as in connected mode. A small software
module is installed on the end user’s Windows environment. As soon as
DIGIPASS Authentication for Windows Logon is setup, it replaces the
original login window by a version that will send the login credentials
to aXsGUARD Identifier for verification.

"Enterprises sometimes prefer to use one single server for
crucial applications and therefore they opt for a separate
authentication appliance. With aXsGUARD Identifier VASCO is addressing
this demand. By incorporating IDENTIKEY as authentication engine in the
appliance, we are able to offer appliance based strong authentication to
virtually any corporation regardless size and occupation. Furthermore
we add DIGIPASS Authentication for Windows Logon functionality to the
appliance," says Jan Valcke, President and COO at VASCO Data Security.


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