Nokia Siemens Networks introduced a Microwave Radio to Enriches its all-IP mobile backhaul solution

Nokia Siemens Networks is introducing a microwave radio for the largely untapped “E-Band” frequencies* that are ideal for providing high-capacity mobile backhaul in dense urban areas. This new radio expands the spectrum that can be used by the company’s FlexiPacket Microwave platform, meaning that Nokia Siemens Networks becomes the only vendor to have a single mobile backhaul solution providing all-IP microwave connectivity from 6 to 80 GHz for a worldwide market.

“There are high expectations for 4G mobile networks – a peak capacity for high-mobility applications of at least 100 Mbps,” said Vesa Tykkyläinen, head of Microwave Radio Transport at Nokia Siemens Networks. “These requirements, far beyond the current capabilities of 3G, will be first addressed by LTE and the evolving WiMAX standards. This increase in over-the-air bandwidth will drive a corresponding increase in the capacity requirements for mobile backhaul networks and will require an end-to-end all-IP microwave solution. Our the new E-Band radio helps to address this challenge.”

With the aggregation of multiple LTE base stations in dense urban areas, the backhaul traffic capacity requirements per cell site will likely exceed 500 Mb/s and even reach 1 Gb/s. Nokia Siemens Networks’ new 70/80 GHz E-Band radio, which is integrated into the FlexiPacket Microwave solution, provides up to 2.5 Gbit/s of transport capacity for each GHz of radio frequency channel over a distance of 3 kilometers.

Furthermore, the licensing costs for the E-Band spectrum are typically much lower than the corresponding licenses for 6-38 GHz spectrum, with many regulators, for example in the U.S. or the U.K., looking for the “light licensing” approach.

The Nokia Siemens Networks’ FlexiPacket offering addresses the whole chain in mobile networking, including radio, hub-site and network management, with carrier-grade quality of service.



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