Adaptec MaxIQ SSD Caching Solution With Microsoft Technology

Adaptec, Inc., a global leader in data center hardware
and software storage solutions, today revealed benchmarking results for
its MaxIQ SSD Cache Performance Solution. Integrating an advanced
solid state storage control technology developed by Microsoft Corp., the
solution is licensed and has been further enhanced by Adaptec. Using a
simulation of a dynamic brokerage application environment, Adaptec
consistently demonstrated a 3.2 times increase in system I/O
(input/output) performance over the best results of a similar system
without SSD caching. An increase in performance of 3.2 times can
translate into a savings in capital and operating costs of up to 70

"These benchmark tests provide data center managers working
with high-traffic transactional workloads with quantifiable evidence
that storage controllers utilizing SSD caching in SSD/HDD
High-Performance Hybrid Arrays can dramatically increase system
performance," said Jon Flower, vice president of Advanced Technology,
Adaptec. "Accelerating throughput, particularly during peak
transactional periods, along with reducing capital and operating costs,
minimizing system footprint, and consuming less energy are critical
issues for data center managers today. Adaptec MaxIQ SSD Caching
solutions were designed to address all of these issues."

This application is a database application benchmark which
models a brokerage firm with customers who generate transactions related
to trades, account inquiries, and market research. The brokerage firm
in turn interacts with financial markets to execute orders on behalf of
the customers and updates relevant account information. Simulating a
50,000 user environment, Adaptec MaxIQ consistently achieved system I/O
performance that was 3.2 times greater than the best results for a hard
disk drive-only system without SSD caching.

"When our datacenter team came up with some innovative ideas
around using solid state devices as read caching devices, we determined
it made good sense to license these advances to Adaptec because
Microsoft itself doesn’t sell these types of products," said David
Kaefer, general manager of Intellectual Property Licensing at Microsoft.
"By collaborating through licensing, Adaptec customers benefit from a
product that delivers impressive performance and cost savings over
alternatives in the market."

Adaptec’s MaxIQ SSD Cache Performance Solution creates
High-Performance Hybrid Arrays (HPHAs) by pairing tuned 32GB Intel
X25-E Extreme Solid-State Drives, used as high-performance cache, with
Adaptec’s MaxIQ SSD caching software and standard hard disk drives. The
hybrid SSD/HDD solution provides I/O intensive data center and cloud
computing customers with maximum I/O performance, up to 70 percent
savings in capital and operating costs and cost-effective scalability,
all without disrupting existing operations.


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