New Itanium alliance


The group, called the Itanium Solutions Alliance, has several plans to make Itanium more useful, said a source involved with the outfit. The alliance will sponsor porting events to help programmers bring their software to the processor, set up porting centers where such work can take place and create catalogs so customers in specific industries can find combinations of Itanium hardware and software for various tasks.

In addition to Intel and Hewlett-Packard–the co-developer of Itanium and the top seller of Itanium servers–the alliance includes server makers NEC, SGI, Unisys, Hitachi, Fujitsu and Bull, and software makers Microsoft, Red Hat, Novell, Oracle, SAP and SAS, the source said.

The other factor that will help IPF uptake is Intel’s plan to unify IA-64 and Xeon chipsets. This will make IPF hardware cheaper, since economies of scale will bring down the cost of the supporting logic.


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