iFear now available for 0.99 USD

iFear, the all-about-phobias iPhone application was launched last July and since then has attracted the interest and curiosity of a large number of iPhone and iPod touch users. In order to encourage even more people to experience this really singular app, it is now offered at a special price: only 0.99 USD or 0.79 EUR for lots of unusual content, not available elsewhere. Just go on the App Store and purchase it online.

iFear is an unusual application for the iPhone dedicated to the most common and the most bizarre fears and phobias. Users can learn and play with over 700 phobias. Do you know what SELACHOPHOBIA is? How do you call people who are afraid of needles? Did you know a large number of people are afraid of number 8?

iFear is the result of the creative collaboration of a psychologist, a
linguist and an iPhone software expert. With over 700 fears and phobias
complemented by images, links, curious facts and an exclusive quiz game,
iFear is the must have app for everybody interested in the mysteries of
the human mind.


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