Rapid Quality Systems releases Code Rocket for Eclipse

Rapid Quality Systems are pleased to announce the immediate release of Code Rocket for the Eclipse development environment on Windows, targeting the Java programming language.

By popular demand the powerful design documentation features of Code Rocket are now brought to the Eclipse IDE, integrating seamlessly into your development workflow.

Code Rocket Features

  • Works out of the box with no additional source code changes.
  • Compatible with JavaDoc and will generate documentation from the code you already have.
  • Flowchart view of the code – see a real time interactive flowchart view of your code, helping you to understand the code being viewed; or construct a flowchart and then generate code from that.
  • Pseudo code view – using the comments within the code Code Rocket generates a pseudo code view of the code, allowing you to see the comment quality of the code and generate code skeletons from pseudo code.
  • If you don’t have comments in your code Code Rocket can still make sense of what it’s doing and allow you to visualize it in a more abstract way.
  • Takes automated documentation to the next level – integrates the flowchart and pseudo code views into the documentation.
  • Full documentation generation capabilities available at the touch of a button or as part of an automated build process.

Code Rocket is also available for the Visual Studio .NET IDE (VS2005, VS2008 and VS2010 compatible) for C/C++ and C# languages.


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