Top Floor Technologies to Conduct Google Analytics Training Workshop

Top Floor Technologies, a web design and search engine marketing firm based in New Berlin, Wisconsin, will be conducting a Google Analytics training workshop in Milwaukee on April 23rd. The workshop, which will run from 8:30-noon at the Italian Conference Center in Milwaukee, will be geared towards business owners and other marketing professionals interested in learning how to measure the effectiveness of their online marketing efforts.

Online purchases, downloads, requests for information and other website actions can now be tracked back to the actual search phrase the visitor used to find the site, thanks to software like Google Analytics. Various landing pages can be tested against each other based on the time spent on the page or the chances that users are performing the desired action. The list of things that cannot be tracked on a website is shrinking by the minute and marketers are finding tracking software like Google Analytics an invaluable tool in their marketing arsenal.

It’s because of this wealth of intelligence that improvements to websites are no longer made based on best practices or guesswork, but rather are almost entirely data-driven. Business owners are finding this intelligence critical when deciding whether to make certain changes to their site and are gaining an upper hand on the competition when their online investments begin to follow the keywords or landing pages that perform best.

For all these reasons, Top Floor’s search marketing staff will be helping business professionals grasp the power of Google Analytics through training on setting up an account properly, understanding the reports offered and troubleshooting common issues.

"There is so much that Google Analytics offers that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the data," said Jo Stumpner, PPC Manager at Top Floor and one of the presenters for the workshop. "We want to help people streamline the reporting so that they only have to see the important things that will actually help them generate more business."

Once Top Floor’s presenters have covered the account setup, report interpretation and troubleshooting of common mistakes, they will be shifting gears a bit to review the Google Analytics reports for active sites.


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