Best Disaster Recovery Practicies by Guidance Consulting

According to Georgia-based IT firm Guidance Consulting, one of the most important parts of their new Vulnerability Management Program Development service includes a move toward more information sharing in the client-consultant relationship. By allowing managers to have more knowledge and say in disaster recovery plans and capacity planning, this IT firm hopes to empower businesses to start taking control of their information security in a way that impacts their bottom line. Guidance Consulting, an IT support firm that works with everything from financial institutions to healthcare organizations, has launched a new Vulnerability Management Program designed to address information security issues for business of all sizes. Part of this new program is a focus on training managers and staff to take a proactive approach to information technology.

Traditionally, the discrepancy between what IT professionals know and what business leaders know has been a fairly large gap that skews the favor toward the consultant. “In the past, it’s been easy for some information technology firms to take advantage of businesses that don’t have an IT department,” says Guidance Consulting senior consultant Ronald Gottilla. “They use over-technical terms and complex strategies so that the businesses are forced to turn to them for even the smallest problems.”

That kind of business practice is one that Gottilla and his team hope to change for the better. By including consulting as part of all of their services, they are not only creating IT solutions, but teaching key staff members to create solutions of their own. One of the ways in which this new focus is coming into play is through disaster recovery planning. “We go beyond coming up with a physical solution for a worst-case IT scenario to include training on how to increase workforce continuity and even how

IT or business professionals can minimize the damage and get back to work,” says Gottilla. “We’re about more than just making sales – we’re about creating IT solutions.”At the end of the day, these kinds of IT solutions are what end up saving business upwards of tens of thousands of dollars each year. And companies like Guidance Consulting know that this focus on money is what really sets them apart in today’s economic climate.


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