Video Maual for iPhone Released by Train Simple

iPhone and iPod touch users now have the ability to watch their iPhone screen go through the motions of important iPhone and iPod functions. This application takes full advantage of the iPhone’s multimedia capabilities to teach users how to use their mobile device.

Video Manual for iPhone allows the user to learn how to use their mobile device to it’s fullest potential. Over 1.5 hours of video-based iPhone training, tips, and tricks. This app takes full advantage of the iPhone’s capabilities and offers a learning experience above and beyond any other iPhone how-to app.

Whether you own an iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, or iPhone 3GS, these easy-to-follow video tutorials will have you taking full advantage of your mobile device. This maybe the most important iPhone application you buy.All the videos are included in the app, so you can watch these videos any time, connected or not. There’s also a favorites feature that allows you to quickly access movies you marked as favorites.

This app is a powerful learning tool and a convenient, interactive reference. If you ever forget how to do anything on the iPhone, or iPod Touch, we’ll show you exactly how to do it within minutes. Train Simple is offering this app for only $1.99, and is available today on iTunes.


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