Pocket Trainer a Mobile Fitness App for Android Phones

Core Interaction, Inc. (CORE), a leading digital fitness company, today announced the release of the new Fitness app, "Pocket Trainer" on the Android platform. "Pocket Trainer (PT) is the perfect mobile fitness app for Android users," said Eric Hess, Professional Trainer and one of the inventors of PT. “People with Android phones are very lifestyle conscious. Because PT is the revolutionary solution to the world of personalized fitness, now everyone can have a personal trainer, even when you have an on-the-go schedule.”

Core partner and professional fitness trainer Robin Ruwe adds, "No more aimlessly wandering around the gym uncertain of what to do, doing exercises just because you saw someone else do them. Pocket Trainer takes out all the guesswork and gives purpose and results to your training program." Much awaited by many in the mobile phone industry, the Pocket Trainer Mobile Fitness App is now available for download on all Android phones. The PT app tech team has released the product for Android phones by Google, HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Acer, T-Mobile, Alcatel, General Mobile, Gigabyte, Garmin, Huawei and Sony Ericsson.

PT is your personal trainer! Using high quality videos, PT tells you what to do, when and how to do it. Designed by Professional Trainers and the same Tech Team who programmed a leading photography App on BlackBerry App World, Pocket Trainer, www.pockettrainer.com, is the only truly comprehensive fitness App available directly on your Android phone (no uploading from a desktop).

Use of the Pocket Trainer APP is simple: First, answer a few key questions about yourself – Pocket Trainer creates your program instantly. Next you train, following your personalized exercise program – just as you would with a Professional Trainer, progressing towards your goals. Then, as you break through all your training plateaus, Pocket Trainer tracks your progress and automatically updates your program, continuing to challenge you as you reach new fitness levels – Your Personal Trainer. View your workout history at any time to instantly see the progress you’ve made.

Pocket Trainer is a very dynamic App, changing and updating your routine based on your personal progress, therefore offering an unlimited amount of workouts. Whether working out with equipment you have at home, at a facility, or traveling and have no equipment, Pocket Trainer will create a customized, balanced program for you which will continually update based on your progress. "We created this fitness APP for beginner to advanced training," said Ruwe. "As you make progress, Pocket Trainer adapts right on your Android, making the exercises more challenging. Just like an actual trainer!"

"PT really is your Professional Trainer in your pocket,” said Hess. "If you follow the program Pocket Trainer creates for you, you cannot fail!" The two Professional trainers saw a need for a mobile fitness app that would meet the busy lifestyle of Android phone users, and created Pocket Trainer. Designed with the mobile app user in mind, Android downloads of Pocket Trainer are expected to quickly reach record numbers.


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