ASUS Releases N82J Multimedia Notebook

New N82J from ASUS shows a true fusion of unabridged power features, breathtaking multimedia performance and stylish energy management can go hand in hand in one neat package.

Further fine tuning the concept of a full-fledged multimedia notebook, ASUS has
released the new N82J with a complete range of features that make it an ideal
choice for consumers on the look for a powerful machine to do their media
content, productivity and entertainment justice. 

The N82J comes with the sheer computing prowess of new Intel Core
processors and NVIDIA GeForce GT335M GPU, while memory can go up to a whopping
8GB. It fields the new, super-fast USB 3.0 for ultra-expedient data transfer
speeds, as well as a range of exclusive video and audio enhancements and the
energy efficient Super Hybrid Engine. These put the new notebook firmly in the
performance bracket for every use and application.

Audio Visual Bliss

The prime directive for high-end N Series notebooks such as the N82J is
multimedia performance. On top of powerful hardware, it fields an extensive list
of refinements that bring out the best in entertainment and gaming.

The innovative ASUS SonicMaster completely overhauls audio on a notebook PC
with custom-built Altec Lansing speakers and thorough software processing of all
sound output, resulting in the kind of surround fidelity consumers typically
expect from full-price and full-size audio systems. Spectacular vocals, extra
wide range and spot-on reproduction take sonic enjoyment to a whole new level.

Complementing this, the N82J delivers amazing visuals with the help of ASUS
Video Magic, a video amplification suite that accelerates frame rates up to
72FPS, thus eliminating blur. It also upscales DVD content to 1080p HD in real
time and with no system strain. The related ASUS Splendid Technology refines
image quality further, bringing out the most vivid colors and accurate contrast
and brightness ratios available. Both work together with advanced NVIDIA CUDA
GPU computing to boost overall performance and reduce system power demands.

N82J notebooks also come with the ASUS zero-bright-dot guarantee, which
underlines the company’s grueling quality checks for all LCD panels it makes and

Fast Connections

USB 3.0 is included on all N Series notebooks from ASUS, and the N82J is no
exception. Users benefit from super-fast file transfers and data backup, at up
to ten times the speed of USB 2.0. The implications are clear – in an age of
ever-larger HD content, the need for speedier data connectivity goes without
saying. USB 3.0 makes it possible to transfer a typical MP3 song in just 0.01
seconds, while an entire 25GB Blu-ray disc takes only 70 seconds. Thus, the
N82J accommodates users in empowering their lifestyles and work environments.

Keeping It Compact

Despite all its bountiful features and superlative performance, the N82J is
no back breaker, and retains a slim and stylish pose. It’s a light and slender
machine that can be easily carried and moved around to meet the very mobile
demands of contemporary users.

N82J retains the ASUS focus on eye-catching design with its luscious
patterned cover and tactile light alloy exterior. The quality feel of this
notebook reaches to the multi-touch pad and palm rests, which are
generously-sized for superior comfort.

Responsible Power

Several energy-conserving features have been fully implemented on the new
N82J to ensure its environmentally-savvy stance and long battery life. The
exclusive Super Hybrid Engine from ASUS manages system resources to ensure just
the right amount of power is consumed based on tasks and applications carried
out. This results in power savings and lower carbon emissions—good for users,
good for the planet.

NVIDIA Optimus technology also contributes to the N82J’s harmonious mix of
power and green values. This intelligent graphics manager switches between the
dedicated GeForce GT335M GPU and integrated graphics depending on the intensity
of visuals being rendered at any given time. For high-end gaming and image
processing, the GPU goes on. For normal tasks with no demanding visuals,
integrated graphics are used. This leads to significant power savings and a much
longer battery life.

N82J is another cutting-edge all rounder from ASUS that offers a bevy of
features to users who like their multimedia fast and stylish—yet compact and


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