Berbie Software announced TrailRunner 3.0

Berbie Software today is pleased to announce an update for TrailRunner, the outdoor oriented route-planning and journaling software for Mac OS X. In this milestone release, the user interface was redesigned from ground up to give users intuitive access to the many features of TrailRunner. This includes the management of routes, the local track network and the new diary.

Feedback from testers and early adopters is overwhelming: "TrailRunner 3.0 has a rich set of features and really meets my needs, especially in keeping my diary up to date, and in maintaining my own network of tracks. Besides that, it is very well documented and we have access to a lot of cool resources. Thanks again for this useful peace of software. It really makes my rides a lot funnier." said Henrique, one of many satisfied users.

Another great feature of TrailRunner 3.0 is the tight integration with EveryTrail, one of the biggest online routing communities. With this new release, users can search for tracks on and upload their own. Also improved in TrailRunner 3.0 are map sources from the popular OpenStreetMap project. TrailRunner can now display maps specially created and geared towards to runners, bikers and any other outdoor enthusiasts.

Focused on users doing any kind of outdoor activities like running, biking, hiking or inline skating, TrailRunner offers route planning and automatic route calculation for a given distance and attractiveness, a workout diary, workout histograms and analysis tools for measured data like geographic course, speed, distance, heart-rate, personal aerobic zone and more. An integrated exercise plan can help users to improve their base endurance in small and adaptive steps.

TrailRunner is free but the author is happy to receive donations.


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