New Speakers and Amplifiers launched by AVADirect

AVADirect recently added a new line of high-end speakers and amplifiers, brought to you by AudioEngine and Peachtree Audio, to our website. These are the first Pro-audio related speakers and amplifiers we have ever carried, and it certainly will not be the last. AudioEngine and Peachtree Audio speakers are state of the art in the sense that they will create a rich, clean sound. Whether you decide to use their amplifier, or one you already own will not matter due to the materials these speakers are constructed with. The silk dome tweeters and kevlar woofers flex the importance that materials do matter to audio equipment. The magnetic shields that surround the speakers internally will ensure they keep the professional element that allows them to stand out above other competitors.

The Peachtree Audio Amplifiers are unlike any other amplifier that you will come across. They harness the ability to convert low-quality digital sound into a high-quality, lossless quality sound on the fly! Many audio enthusiasts struggle in the attempt to settle with digital equipment, for the simple fact that many argue there is no comparison to a high-quality, vintage analog amplifier with tubes. Struggle and seek no more, fellow audio extremists, because Peachtree will win your vote within minutes of exploring their capabilities. When comparing a 192kps audio file to a 720kps sound file the difference is clearly noted. However, when choosing a Peachtree Audio Amplifier to run the same test you will find that it’s quite difficult to tell the two apart. Finally, there is a manufacturer that creates the ability to encode digital audio to a format that will be loved be all. As if that was enough, Peachtree Amplifiers come equipped with four digital outputs: iPod, USB, Coax, and Toslink (optical).


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