Linspire 5.0 Free For Limited Time

The people at Linspire are giving Linspire 5.0 away for free (digital download only) until September 6th. Simply go to purchase the $49.95 digital edition, and then enter coupon code ‘freespire’ to receive a $49.95 discount.” From the site: “‘Freespire’ was the term Andrew Betts gave to a private project he had been working on. The project comprised various open source components, taken from the freely available source repository for the Linspire operating system…Linspire has no problem with anyone using the open source code from our operating system – in fact we applaud such projects. The name Freespire, however, did create some confusion in the short time it was used…We thought it would be fun, for all of those who were looking at this project to experience a true ‘Freespire’, to give away a free digital copy of Linspire for a few days.


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