Hitachi Introduces New 400 GB Drive

Hitachi’s deskstar 7K400 ($400) is the new king of big: The 7200-rpm Serial ATA hard drive comes with an 8MB buffer and a staggering 400GB of storage. The reasonably priced drive, available now, also features improved digital-media handling capabilities. In our tests it performed exceptionally well on standard desktop applications, too.

To reach 400GB in the new model, Hitachi essentially slipped two more 80GB platters into its 250GB Deskstar 7K250–the fastest hard drive we have tested to date (see January’s Top 10 Hard Drives). Adding the extra platters didn’t affect performance: The 7K400 completed our tests in 34 minutes, 1 second–21 seconds slower than the 7K250, a statistical tie. And in both our Windows and our applications-based tests, it outperformed the average score of all seven 200GB or larger hard drives we’ve seen, often by 9 to 16 percent

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