WildFuse introduced AR Easter Egg Hunt 1.0

WildFuse today is pleased to announce the release of AR Easter Egg Hunt 1.0 for iPhone 3GS on the Apple App Store. This enchanting game aimed at kids, former kids and parents, is based on a very traditional custom in many countries all over the world consisting of picking hidden eggs around Easter time. If you own an iPhone 3GS, you will surely enjoy playing this game on your own or with the whole family. AR Easter Egg Hunt is one of its kind in the category of Augmented Reality games.

A very cute and cartoonish design is backed up by a state of the art implementation of augmented reality principles making optimum use of the unique capabilities of the iPhone 3GS. AR Easter Egg Hunt transforms your device into an Egg Radar allowing you to visualize eggs around you. In order to pick up the Easter eggs you need to switch to the augmented reality camera view displaying colorful eggs around you. By simply tapping the egg on your iPhone screen you can pick and store it in your egg basket. Eggs vary in terms of design and score value depending on how rare they are.

Goal of the game: get as many eggs as possible ranging from common to very rare eggs maximizing your online score, and complete a set of increasingly complex achievements. You can track your progress by navigating within the Awards rooms and share it with your friends on facebook.

Game Features:

  • Bright and cartoonish design that creates a rich, fun and immersive gaming experience around the topic of Easter eggs and Alex, the friendly white rabbit
  • In-game contextual and relevant tutorial for first-time players
  • Egg Radar View allowing players to visualize eggs around them in a radius of 120 meters (400 feet, 131 yards). The middle area of the radar displays all the eggs that players can pick up in a radius of 30 meters (100 feet, 32 yards) around them
  • Augmented Reality view that blends the AR Easter Egg Hunt world with the real world, displaying eggs in a radius of 30 meters (100 feet, 32 yards) around players, allowing them to pick Easter Eggs by simply taping on the screen
  • Awards rooms to track progress and share it with friends on facebook: a Trophies room keeping track of the different types of eggs collected so far, Achievements room displaying completed and upcoming achievements, High Scores room to keep track of local and global scores

Device Requirements:

  • iPhone 3GS only
  • Requires iPhone 3.1.3 or higher
  • 2.7 MB

Pricing and Availability:
AR Easter Egg Hunt 1.0 for iPhone 3GS is available on sale for $.99 (USD) in the App Store in the Games & Entertainment categories.


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