Shuttle Introduces J1 4100 Series Desktop PC

Shuttle is offering a free upgrade package on its new J1 4100 series desktops, including the J1 4100 for everyday use, the J1 4100 for gaming, and the J1 4100 for professionals

Shuttle, an industry leading designer and manufacturer of highperformance small form factor (SFF) PC solutions and creator of the XPC, today welcomed the Shuttle J1 4100 series desktop PC, its entry-level J1 Series model which starts at $799, with a special bundle offer.

For a limited time only and while supplies last, each Shuttle J1 4100, J1 4100G, and J1 4100P desktop ordered directly from Shuttle will come with a free package which includes a Red Faction: Guerrilla PC game, a 7-button laser mouse, and an Intel Core2 Quad processor upgrade.

“We’re really excited about all the new programs we’re rolling out this year, like this free upgrade package we’re offering,” said Nicolas Villalobos, Director at Shuttle Computer Group in Los Angeles. “What’s more exciting is it doesn’t stop here – we’re working hard to bring in new promotions and special bundle offers to consumers. I want this year to be the year for users to upgrade to Shuttle.”

These Shuttle PC models have been expert configured for various applications, with the J1 4100 ready for everyday computing and home entertainment (, the J1 4100G ready for casual gaming (, and the J1 4100P for day-to-day professional use ( During the promotional period, each one of these Shuttle J1 4100 models will receive a free upgrade to one of the fastest processors available on the market today, allowing maximum productivity and fun.

Consumers can now purchase the Shuttle J1 4100 models directly from the Shuttle website:

J1 4100 for entertainment:
J1 4100G for gaming:
J1 4100P for professionals:


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