The APP Company Releases Buzz Aldrin App For iPhone

The APP Company announced the release of the Buzz Aldrin Portal To Science
and Space Exploration iPhone App.  Available for $1.99 on the Apple iTunes and App
Stores, this iPhone app launched by the pioneering Apollo astronaut and
moonwalker Buzz Aldrin takes the user on a journey through the world of
everything that is Space Exploration.

This legendary space hero revealed that he was moved to design this app by
the rush of interest in global space activity, particularly among young people.
"It is these young people who are the generation that will take mankind’s next
steps in exploring the frontiers of space. This app is an amazing tool to both
educate and entertain," said Buzz Aldrin. "I have gathered a network of
scientists, physicists, astronomers, astronauts and many others of the world’s
great minds to help me keep this app timely and relevant with lots of original
daily content."

"The App is already the #1 Educational iPhone App. Users are really
responding positively to the App which just goes to show the renewed interest in
our Space Program," says Jason Moskowitz, a partner
at The APP Company.

Some of the many features of the App include:

  • Unique original content, insights and "Takes" by Buzz Aldrin on all
    important space initiatives including blogs, journals and twitter feeds.
  • Timely, relevant and lively Roundtable discussions moderated and
    participated by the top minds in the science and space community.
  • Live NASA Streaming TV and other top space news feeds.
  • Hundreds of videos and photos on every important space initiative, both
    current and historic.
  • Comprehensive treatment of the Apollo Program including actual audio from
    the mission between crew members and mission control as well as incredible video
  • Detailed treatment of hundreds of NASA and international missions, projects
    and programs. Background information (including important web-references),
    current news, Twitter, Facebook, photo galleries, videos and more.
  • Up to date advocacy efforts spearheaded by Buzz Aldrin on the future of
    America’s space program.

Buzz Aldrin will be made available for interviews to discuss the Buzz
Aldrin Portal To Science and Space ExplorationiPhone


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