Paramount Digital Entertainment and Freeverse Launches Top Gun App for iPad

Feel the Need for Speed with New Gameplay, Upgraded Graphics and a Redesigned User Interface

Paramount Digital Entertainment and Freeverse today announced the Top Gun App for iPad is now available from the App Store. Expanding beyond the popular arcade shooter experience from the Top Gun App for iPhone and iPod touch, Top Gun for iPad features a redesigned user interface, high resolution graphics and new gameplay.

Top Gun takes full advantage of the breakthrough capabilities of the iPad. The game’s resolution has been increased and the user interface was adjusted to take advantage of the size of the iPad’s stunning display. Additionally, new gameplay is now available including a Top Gun Navy fighter jet and afterburner feature. The afterburner allows players to activate a high-speed boost to get out of dangerous situations.

"With its cinematic gameplay and aerial battles, Top Gun is the ideal game for Paramount Digital Entertainment to bring to Apple’s newest device," said Tom Lesinski, President, Paramount Digital Entertainment. "We’ve added new content, controls and high-quality graphics to our popular iPhone game that takes advantage of the iPad’s large screen and high resolution display to intensify the action for an exciting game experience."

Inspired by the film, Top Gun places players at the United States Navy Fighter Weapons School, where instructors Maverick and Iceman will help them compete to become the next Top Gun. Players can take control of planes including a fighter-jet and stealth bomber, shoot down MiGs and dodge incoming air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles, all while navigating intricate environments and weaving in and out of the Danger Zone.

Top Gun is a first person, arcade jet shooter game that features 10 missions in a variety of environments, including oceans, deserts, canyons and city centers, both during the day and at night. Players can take out enemies by locking-on and firing their missiles, while using the accelerometer controls to dodge both aerial and ground based obstacles called Danger Zones. Top Gun also features classic compositions from the movie including: "Danger Zone" and "Top Gun Anthem." Top Gun players can earn medals and awards while progressing through Story Mode and can also revisit previously completed missions.

The Top Gun App for iPad is available for $4.99 from the App Store on iPad or at


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