Launch Of Qsan 6G SAS Redundant JBOD Storage Solution

The J300H storage solution can provide users for dual active
protection, high availability / load-balancing, and high performance. It
can be applied to both Qsan redundant controller series and server
storage expansions. The 6G host interface and expansion port allow users
to build their storage with more flexibility and expansion. At
drive-side, J300H supports both 6G SAS and 3G SAS interfaces.

Qsan redundant controllers are designed on their own invented
technology, which provides active-active controller configuration, and
doesn’t compromise the performance. Qsan is always pursuing reliability,
stability, lower cost, and higher performance. Qsan redundant RAID and
JBOD controllers are embedded with rich features in default without
extra charge. It is painless and quick to integrate into your current
chassis designs. Qsan’s support team can shorten your project time by
providing fast design capability and overall reliability test. For
further information, please contact Qsan.

J300H Feature Highlights:

--  Dual-active configuration support
--  Online FW upgrade, no system down time
--  Front-end 2 ports (per system) with high availability / load-balancing / fail-over / Window Clustering support
--  1 x 6G SAS (miniSAS SFF8088) host wide port
--  1 x 6G SAS (miniSAS SFF8088) JBOD expansion wide port
--  3G SAS drive backward-compatible
--  SBB Compliant


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