M3i Telecom Introduces PC to Phone Platform for Long Distance

M3i Telecom Inc has expanded its long distance
platform to include PC to Phone long distance capability. PC to Phone
capability gives subscribers the ability to place calls through the
internet directly using either PC or Smartphone with an internet

The PC to Phone capability takes advantage of the
growing popularity of Smartphones (e.g. Apples’ iPhone), which can run
various applications. A Smartphone owner can download and install a SIP
phone application (also known as softphone) from numerous companies on
the web (e.g. fringTM) and use their M3i Account to make long distance
calls with their Smartphone.

PC to Phone type calls further
reduce the cost of a call in comparison to Phone to Phone by eliminating
the leg 1 (origination) portion of the call. The introduction of this
feature enhances the freedom of long distance users by providing another
cost effective alternative.

M3i Telecom Inc provides innovative
telecommunication solutions to business and individuals. M3i Telecom
strives to bring to market exciting, cost effective, and useful
communications services. It has customers across North America and Asia.


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