Cloud Services for Agricultural Industry Launched by Fujitsu

New SaaS solution supporting business administration and farm management.

Fujitsu today announced the availability of a set of cloud computing services to support businesses in Japan’s agricultural industry. The services will be available to agricultural producers, agricultural corporations(1), retailers, and the JA Group, Japan’s federation of agricultural cooperatives.

The F&AGRIPACK series of agricultural cloud services supports the agricultural industry by bringing clarity to business operations such as management, production, and customer relations. Delivered as software as a service (SaaS)-based solution using Fujitsu’s datacenters, it is both easy to use and accessible from a computer using the Internet.

As part of this effort, Fujitsu is offering both a business management solution, which is designed to support the accounting, payroll calculation, and tax preparation needs of farms, and a farm management solution, which tracks plant productivity logs and assists with food safety. This package will be available to the JA Group, agricultural producers, agricultural corporations, and retailers.

Fujitsu has also joined forces with Fujitsu Kyushu Systems Limited, Fujitsu Hokkaido Systems Limited, and Fujitsu Tohoku Systems Limited to establish an agricultural solutions center, the largest of its kind in Japan, with approximately 100 personnel. The new center aims to expand its services and provide enhanced support to the agriculture industry, including the JA Group. The center will continue to support companies involved in farming to further expand their businesses.

Fujitsu plans to roll out products in the F&AGRIPACK series as a package of business support services for the agricultural industry that will help customers bring clarity to areas of their business such as management, production, and customer relations.

Features of Business Management Solution:
Serving as an accounting service customized for agriculture, this solution accurately handles agriculture-specific accounting practices, such as depreciation and workers’ dividends. It also accurately prepares tax forms in conjunction with the business consulting services of an accountant. The software underlying this service was developed by Fujitsu Kyushu Systems Limited.

(1.) Integrated service handles accounting, payroll, and tax forms
By simply entering data from transaction tickets and pay stubs into an on-screen form, users can easily manage their journaling and payroll taxes. In addition to basic functions, such as accounting, asset tracking, and payroll, this service handles year-end adjustments, earnings declarations, and business diagnostics functions. It can also quickly manage categorized profit and loss information without requiring any special data-entry or configuration.

(2.) Covers wide range of functions, including tax forms, based on daily record-keeping
Users can sort transaction tickets simply by categorizing them on-screen by transaction type, without the need for any specialized accounting knowledge. By inputting tickets on an accrual basis, the program can automatically produce settlement reports. It can also produce corporate tax and consumption tax forms.

(3.) Handles requirements specific to community corporations
The service automatically handles consumption-tax calculations for worker’s dividends. In addition, it automatically calculates the accrual limit for funds reserved for strengthening the foundation of farm management, and supports automatic journaling.

The service-use contract for the accountant assisted model is executed between the accountant and Fujitsu, and the accountant provides the agricultural producer/corporation with a user ID to utilize the service (this service is used by agricultural producers/corporations that have a consulting contract with an accountant). The service-use contract for the general model is executed between the agricultural producer/corporation and Fujitsu directly.



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