Oracle Announced Oracle’s AutoVue 20.0 to Drive Business Process Innovation

News Facts:

  • Enabling organizations to drive business process innovation, Oracle today announced Oracle’s AutoVue 20.0.

  • AutoVue Enterprise Visualization is the industry leading solution for viewing, reviewing and collaborating on asset and engineering documents and information across the global enterprise.

  • The latest major release introduces a new architecture that scales with an organization’s evolving enterprise requirements and more efficiently serves the document visualization and collaboration needs of enterprise and desktop users.

  • Using AutoVue’s open and standards-based integration capabilities customers can integrate AutoVue into enterprise applications and can visually enable them to access documents stored in various content repositories across the enterprise. This enables information to be synthesized and presented visually in the appropriate business context needed to make effective technical and business decisions.

  • AutoVue 20.0 includes a new built-in offline mode that enables field workers or business travelers to capture updates while working offline and then incorporate them into enterprise systems once they are back online.

  • The significant performance enhancements in AutoVue 20.0 impact how customers and partners’ customers interact and work with data which maximizes personal productivity and drives business process efficiencies.

Unique Visualization Across Applications and Business Processes:

  • New capabilities within AutoVue 20.0 support customers in a variety of industries including Engineering and Construction, Utilities, Oil and Gas, and Manufacturing by enabling them to:
    • Maximize productivity and increase efficiency: New 3D Walkthrough capabilities support both capital projects and facilities and maintenance operations by allowing users to perform detailed reviews of facilities from within and explore buildings and structures in a more natural way.
    • Achieve performance improvements: New advancements for 3D large model handling improve how mechanical and AEC customers interact with large 3D data by significantly increasing file access speeds and reducing the memory usage required, Additionally, simplified access to large multi-page Word files saves time and improves overall performance.
    • Unlock asset information to all enterprise users: A new Web services based Integration SDK provides AutoVue customers with a complete, open and standards-based set of integration solutions that supports integrations in any deployment environment including Java, .Net and C++.
    • Accurately and easily align and scale drawings: New file comparison capabilities enable users working with 2D CAD or EDA files to more efficiently review revisions to design and asset documents in compare mode, simplifying the revision process.
  • AutoVue now empowers new business processes for Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management 7.0 and Oracle’s Primavera Contract Management 13.0, allowing customers to access AutoVue capabilities within their Primavera dashboard.
    • Utilizing AutoVue within P6 helps automate drawing delivery and printing and helps enable real-time collaboration on drawings via Web browsers. This integrated view helps increase team response rates and provide accurate information for improved decision making.
    • For Primavera Contract Management users, the AutoVue access helps them capture an audit trail of change approvals on engineering drawings to win contract disputes. Additionally, it’s now possible to catch documents where changes in condition or scope that caused delays were not a contractor’s fault to avoid unfair penalties related to schedule delays.

Supporting Quotes:

  • “Oracle’s AutoVue has notably improved the productivity of our design and project departments, and allowed us to standardize multiple visualization requirements on a single solution, saving time and money on support, administration and maintenance of our IT environment,” said Harald Carlsson, Documentation Administrator, Ringhals (part of Vattenfall AB). "The solution has helped thousands of users in engineering, maintenance and operations access and work with the technical information they need to support plant shutdowns, plant optimization, or routine maintenance activities. The new AutoVue 20.0 architecture is very impressive and we envision the new capabilities will deliver even more savings and performance improvements.”
  • “With innovation, optimization and globalization leading 2010 priorities, IDC has seen increased interest from product lifecycle executives in visualization and collaboration tools to streamline the influx of complex information,” said Joe Barkai, Practice Director of Product Life-Cycle Strategies, IDC/Manufacturing Insights. “As organizations move to incorporate visual information into many areas of product and business process related decisions, solutions like Oracle’s AutoVue should help them capture and utilize that data, facilitating quick and efficient decision-making that delivers significant performance improvements.”


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