Houdah Software released Sudoku Duo 1.0.3

Houdah Software today is pleased to introduce Sudoku Duo 1.0.3, the newest addition to their line of applications and games for Apple’s revolutionary new iPad. Based on their popular ACTSudoko for the iPhone, the new app provides game play for a single player, and two players either collaborating or competing. Its advanced gameplay engine allows three levels of playing difficulty, based on mastery of technique rather than number of givens. Sudoku Duo can generate an unlimited number of unique games, and provides intelligent hints with explanations.

With Sudoku Duo Houdah Software has brought to the iPad one of the most popular of the 150+ Sudoku games available for the iPhone, ACTSudoko. However, the iPad app utilizes the larger screen size to offer a duo of innovative two-player Sodoku games. Holding the iPad in its portrait orientation, the two-player modes display the same board twice, one facing one player, and another facing the opposite player. In the two player mode the application allows players to compete against each other in solving the same puzzle, or they may conveniently co-operate in solving one puzzle updated on two boards. In addition to two-player modes, the iPad game incorporates colorful new graphics by designer Lars Herrmann.

Feature Highlights:

  • Sudoku for one player or two on the new Apple iPad
  • Features the iPhone ACTSudoku game playing engine
  • Two-player mode displays the same puzzle for players on opposite sides
  • Three levels of playing difficulty based on required skill rather than givens
  • Sudoku dual generates a new puzzle at the beginning of each game
  • Players may make notes within cells to help solve the puzzle
  • Players may ask for hints at any time
  • Hints are accompanied by logical explanations, helping the player improve
  • Optional automatic markers eliminate numbers which can not be used in each cell
  • User set positive and negative markers in each cell
  • High scores library, and battle mode

Of course, all the special touches that made the iPhone app so successful are here in the iPad game. New games are not stored, rather they are generated, virtually removing the possibility of encountering the same game twice. Players can make notes within cells, red numbers for exclusions and green for inclusions. There are three levels of playing difficulty which are based not on the number of given numbers at the start of the game, but on the level of skill required to solve the puzzle. The iPad game expands on the hint function, offering logical explanations for each hint.

"Whether you’re looking for a simple ten minute pastime, or a game that will take you days to finish, Sudoku Duo offers great play and lots of features," commented owner Pierre Bernard. "It was great fun having all that extra screen real estate to work with."

Device Requirements:

  • iPad with iPhone OS 3.2 or later
  • 6 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Sudoku Duo 1.0.3 is available now for the iPad for $3.99 (USD) at the App Store.


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