Happymagenta releases Scany 1.6

Happymagenta today is proud to announce Scany 1.6 for iPhone and iPod touch, an update to their popular all-in-one solution for network surveying, inspection, exploration, troubleshooting, diagnostics and security tasks. Scany scans networks and hosts for 15+ parameters with a single seamless request and also includes – ping, traceroute analyzer, remote wake and WHOIS.

Scany is good at lots of networking tasks including:

  • Seeing who is on the same Wi-Fi, LAN or on any other IP network range
  • Seeing what a hacker would see about your hosts or networks
  • Seeing if a malicious intruder is currently using your Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Performing comprehensive IP, domain, site or entire network surveys ( port scanning)
  • Quickly checking for host and network problems (including integrated Ping)
  • Retrieving even more info with integrated WHOIS for everything
  • Finding out which IP addresses are in use on a DHCP network (and by whom)
  • Listing hostnames, IP and MAC addresses that are in use in the specified network
  • Maintaining up to date inventory of your networking equipment ( vendors)
  • Seeing if your hosts run unnecessary services
  • Troubleshooting your hosts and networks
  • Checking your firewalls

Perfect for IT administrators on-the-go and casual use alike, Scany offers a natural, easy-to-use interface and features a state-of-the-art asynchronous network engine backed by over 15 years of networking experience. It can scan by either IP address or any IP network range (both LAN and WAN) for hosts and services and can run in several different modes. Besides Mac and PC hostnames, Scany recognizes names of networking capable devices such as game consoles, media servers, TVs, receivers, players, printers, web cameras, routers, switches and many others.

With Scany’s integrated remote wake, ping, traceroute analyzer and whois, it is the ultimate tool to access virtually all info about a given host that can be discovered over a network. Easily scan for hostname, IP address, IP network range, autonomous system (AS) number, reverse hostname (PTR DNS record), Bonjour or Windows (NetBIOS) hostname, country of the network owner, services host runs (TCP and UDP open ports), firewall detection results, ping test results, round trip time, MAC address, vendonr as well as WHOIS info.

Feature Highlights:

  • Scan both LAN and the Internet
  • Scan any IP address or network range
  • Bonjour hostnames lookup
  • Windows (NetBIOS, Samba) hostnames lookup
  • Device names lookup (UPnP, SSDP, DLNA)
  • Country of origin detection of the network owner
  • Network range and AS number lookup
  • MAC address and hardware vendor lookup
  • Wake on LAN or Wi-Fi (by MAC address)
  • Wake over the Internet (using proper routers)
  • Ping/Trace hosts with integrated tool
  • WHOIS hostnames, IP addresses, ASNs
  • Know Wi-Fi, VPN, 3G/EDGE and external IPs
  • Group results into multiple histories
  • E-mail scan results
  • Predefined services for your convenience
  • Possibility to add custom services
  • Checks ICMP, TCP and UDP
  • Faster asynchronous network I/O
  • Works with Wi-Fi, 3G, EDGE and GPRS
  • Eye-pleasing interface design

Displays host information (when available):

  • Hostname
  • IP address
  • IP network range
  • Autonomous system (AS) number
  • Reverse hostname (PTR DNS record)
  • Bonjour hostname
  • Windows hostname
  • Device name (UPnP, SSDP, DLNA)
  • Country of the network owner
  • Services host runs (TCP and UDP open ports)
  • Firewall detection results
  • Ping test results
  • Round trip time (RTT)
  • MAC address and vendor

Version 1.6 implements animated traceroute analyzer and UI improvements. Scany can now analyze routes to hosts in realtime by continiously monitoring each hop to detect possible network bottlenecks.

Device Requirements:

  • iPhone or iPod touch 3.0 or later
  • 2.9 MB
  • Internet Connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, EDGE, GPRS)

Pricing and Availability:
Scany 1.6 is on sale for only $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category.


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