Mplayit announced iPad App Store on Facebook

Just in time for the highly anticipated release of the iPad, Mplayit announced that consumers can now access the catalog of iPad exclusive apps on their app store on Facebook. It has also updated its iPhone catalog, letting consumers easily see which iPhone apps are compatible with the iPad.

Mplayit is the leading global app store with cross-platform support for iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Java-powered mobile devices, making it a one-stop shop for mobile content. According to Michael Powers, founder and CEO of Mplayit, the addition of iPad apps to their Facebook service couldn’t be more timely.

"With all the hype surrounding the launch of the iPad and talk of premium prices being charged for apps, consumers need a trusted source to find the best apps for their new iPads," said Powers. "From our success with the iPhone Arcade, we know that consumers trust their friends and industry experts. We let consumers tap into their friends and networks to try and share apps, and, with the App Guru program, consumers get the benefit of expert opinions from the leading mobile blogs and technology writers."

AdMob reports that 56% of consumers find apps by word-of-mouth and online buzz. Mplayit automates this process by leveraging the power of the Facebook platform to fuel social discovery and viral growth of mobile apps. Mplayit’s App Guru program gives consumers the experts point of view, giving them instant access to ratings and reviews from the leading experts in the mobile industry. Consumers can also follow friends and App Gurus to get a real-time feed of app reviews from the people they trust most.

"The release of the iPad, on top of the recent surge in popularity of the Android platform, is bringing more and more interest in apps and compounding the issue of discovery for both consumers and developers," said Powers. "We’ve built an app discovery experience that ensures consumers get the apps they want from people they trust, and developers are able to connect directly with consumers. We’re excited to bring our experience to the iPad on the day of its launch."

With its targeted audience and unique relationship with industry experts through its App Guru program, Mplayit has insight into attitudes towards apps, pricing and other issues that affect consumer decisions. In a recent survey, Mplayit asked iPhone and iPod Touch owners about their interest in the iPad and whether they were willing to pay more for iPad apps.

Not surprisingly, interest in the iPad in the week leading up to its release was extremely high, with over 87% interested in the iPad, 60% being "Very Interested" and 27.5% being "Somewhat Interested." iPod Touch users interest was also high overall, but less enthusiastic with 39% being "Very Interested" and 41.7% being "Somewhat Interested".

When asked what types of apps they are interested in, Utility apps and Games ranked at the top, with 78% voting for Utility and 75% indicating an interest in Games. Social Networking and Location Services came in next with 59% and 47% indicating an interest in these app categories, respectively,. Books and Book Readers were also commonly referenced.


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