Version 2.0 Launched By Black Watch Data

Black Watch Data is very excited to officially announce Version
release of our base software suite, The Black Watch Suite
of Armour
. Building upon a successful foundation, Version 2.0
of Black Watch’s software is dedicated to addressing the countless data
issues faced by all sized companies in today’s marketplace. The Armour
Suite released contains two new additional modules as well; Governor
and Enforcer. Governor helps an organization
have transparency from data policies through business and data rules,
all the way through to data compliance. Enforcer provides
proactive data enforcement – sometimes referred to as Master Data
Management (MDM) – as well as integrated workflow. These new products
join version 2.0 of Sentinel, Commander, and Phantom;
to enhance the suite of data quality and integrity solutions providing
passive data validation and enforcement.

The Armour suite, delivered either via
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or on-premise, enhances Black
Watch’s core mission objective, Data Sustainability which
from an ERP perspective, delivers the ultimate data management status…
Zero Defect Data, which simply means your organization has
data that can be relied on completely to make accurate
business decisions. We’ve addressed the ongoing challenge of "perpetual
change" with Phantom which monitors the ERP databases to ensure
that defective or suspect data is called to the attention of the owner.

Black Watch Data is differentiated though our holistic
approach to enterprise data management. We are experienced in preventing
the consequences of defective data in companies. Our experience,
knowledge, software, and services can provide your organization with
Zero Defect Data. We assist our clients to leverage their
investments in people, process and technology by providing a sustainable
enterprise data management program. Black Watch Data delivers Data
Sustainability and ERP Optimization to an organization’s most valuable
data assets so whatever the use, it’s absolutely reliable; it’s true,
and it provides one version of the truth.


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