Just Cause 2: DLC to be released in April 2010

Communication is difficult between video game developers and distributors, the proof is with Just Cause 2.

Avalanche Studios, responsible for the excellent Just Cause 2, had recently announced the imminent arrival of DLC. Until then, knew few details about all the talk of additional content meant to bring fun and new playing opportunities Microsoft has accidentally reveal a release date for one of the DLC.

According to an e-mail giant, the first batch expected on April 7 and materialize in the form of a customized truck with ice everywhere. It is unfortunately missing the DLC pricing which is hoped will be worth the shot. Players have malignant peel files from the PC version of the game in search of new DLC.

This initiative has enabled them to find solid information. They refer to weapons and more vehicles. The whole thing will inevitably revive interest title, the question is for how long. For these packages provide fundamentally little to the concept.


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