Ovi Cards available with Nokia E71 and E66

Nokia stuff the availability of its software free GPS navigation maps Ovi adding compatibility with Nokia E71 and E66 models.

Nokia has created a stir by announcing in January of its free browser Ovi Maps (Maps to Ovi or OV), a few months after a similar initiative on the part of Google Maps with navigation.

A week later, after Nokia boasted 1 million downloads , mostly from its download portal Ovi Store, and 3 million after 26 days. The objective here is to rapidly establish a user base of smartphone GPS to try to monetize the following value added services.

The application can run both on smartphones multimedia professionals and the public that this last segment, Nokia introduced Ovi cards that the solution is now available with the Nokia E66 but especially with the Nokia E71 model has been a true success in this category.

From now on all new Nokia smartphones
But it will be possible to find his way through by-turn directions, some content on the versions of other models will be unavailable here. "The process of porting the latest version of Maps on Ovi existing mobile No ‘ is not completely finished, but the navigation functionality is fully operational. Due to technical constraints to bring the application to existing mobile, we can not currently offer some popular content, such as Michelin and Lonely Planet guides, "says Nokia.

The group also announced that finalandais Nokia E66 and E71 are the last where a portage is made retrospectively: "… these two will be moving the last of our range of mobile S60 3.1 or older to support this version ‘Ovi Maps. However, all new Nokia smartphones will now be provided with a free bus and pedestrian navigation. "


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