Nokia developing its own touch pad

One analyst Would Nokia preparing its own version a tablet tactile, which will launched before late.

With commercialization tablet iPad of Apple is any Industry consumer electronics engulf breccia shelves tactile multimedia not whether products revolutionaries but instead technologies are now developed for propose appliances really nomads.

With 300 000 sales realized from day, Apple reveals some awaiting public regarding product type and launching thé iPad should monitoring Advert many competitors starting tablet HP Slate which showcased hitherto.

According indirect information exits analysts, giant Finnish Would Nokia also preparing its own tablet tactile. Data from suppliers suggest an ad is probable to autumn for commercialization during period September to October.

A tablet tactile for the Nokia World?
Timing could correspond with the next Nokia World, be held London on September 14 and 15. One remembers that the Nokia World 2009 was been unveil products lighthouses like the Nokia N900, the Nokia N97 Mini and the netbook Nokia Booklet 3G. Why not tablet in 2010?

Regarding OS, opinions are shared. A tablet Nokia could embark Windows 7 as already happens for Booklet 3G but could also use new platform MeeGo which will finalized meantime .

Some analysts believe Nokia is obliged arriving this segment which although immature and Who Should remain throughout 2010 could eventually cannibalize segment smartphones. Recall however group Finnish already some experience shelves Internet and that participated development Maemo (is one bases MeeGo) precisely as meaning.

And Nokia may optionally hoped y post services mobile, although profiles use shelves multimedia seem be more nomads than really mobile. Encore would it have true strategy and not arrive too behind on wholesaling troop, risking arrive a market quickly saturated and operators face yet cautiously (models endowed a modem 3G ).


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