Freeridecoding announced SmartBackup 3.0

Freeridecoding today is pleased to announce the release of SmartBackup 3.0, a new version of its alternative backup application. SmartBackup creates fast and efficient backups of your data, or full bootable copies of your whole system. It supports backing up to anything that is mountable on the Mac Desktop, like external harddisks, flashdrives, iPods or any kind of network shares.

Using its own powerful sync engine SmartBackup updates only files that have changed since the last backup which makes it one of the fastest ways to create and maintain a bootable clone of your Mac OS X installation. SmartBackup backes up all files in their original format which makes the backup usable even without the application.

SmartBackup is very easy to set up. Backup presets for several frequently used backup items like files for Mail, iCal, Safari, Dashboard Widgets etc. can be used to simplify the configuration. SmartBackup supports the use of Spotlights "Saved Search" folders as backup items. Saved Search folders can be backed up or used to define what should be excluded from a backup. This is a very powerful way of creating dynamic configurations like backups based on a filetype, the time documents have been modified, or exclusion based on size or label colour.

SmartBackup can archive multiple versions of backed up files and offers an intuitive interface to search the backup for all available versions of a file, select the required item, and restore it with one click. For simple automation requirements SmartBackup integrates with iCal and Automator. SmartBackup can also be called from the commandline which makes it usable in shell-scripts, remotely via ssh or in LaunchDaemon items and a flexible tool in a Mac OS X server deployment.

The update to 3.0 brings:

  • Revamped Interface
  • Intuitive interface to search and restore versions of archived files
  • New mode to support syncing of folders
  • Significantly improved performance

The upgrade is free for all users that have purchased a license since 01.01.2009 or an upgrade to v2.5. For all other users upgrade licenses are available starting at $10 (USD).

SmartBackup features:

  • Easy to use
  • Fast sync engine
  • Supports bootable clones
  • Supports exclusion
  • Supports Spotlight based backups
  • Supports Spotlight based exclusion
  • Keeps multiple versions of files
  • Searchable backup archive
  • Folder sync mode
  • Automation via iCal or Automator
  • Commandline mode
  • 64 Bit (Intel only)
  • Backup presets
  • Automatic restore

Minimum Requirements:

  • Mac OS X Version 10.5 or 10.6
  • Intel or PPC Mac (Universal Binary)


  • English (other translations will be added shortly)

Pricing and Availability:
A home single license is priced at $25 (USD). A FamilyPack option (5 installations) is available for $54 (USD).


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