SuperSync 3.6 is now released

SuperSync today is pleased to announce the release of SuperSync 3.6, a major update to their popular iTunes library manager for Macs, PCs, and users of Apple mobile devices. Combining power with simplicity, SuperSync lets anyone visually compare, merge, and access their media files and playlists from anywhere. Merge individual tracks, playlists or entire libraries with a few clicks of the mouse.

SuperSync makes it easy to create a master media library and have a subset on computers and laptops around the house. Any new content that is added on one computer can be instantly uploaded to the master library. SuperSync can help reduce the likelihood that two family members will accidentally buy the same Apple Store download.

Use SuperSync to:

  • Keep track of all music across multiple computers – Mac OS X, Windows, and iPads/iPhones/iPods
  • Compare and merge any two music libraries
  • Move music, videos, and playlists from one iTunes library to another
  • Export all or a subset of a library as a well-organized directory of tracks
  • Find partial albums, duplicates, missing tracks, corrupt files, and other common music library problems
  • Intelligently import media from a hard drive, iPod, or network drive without duplicates
  • Easily move a music library from Windows to Mac, Mac to Windows, or any combination
  • Access a home music library from anywhere – upload/download songs, movies, and playlists
  • Share a common library with multiple iTunes users on a network drive
  • Access MP3’s and playlists from Tivo
  • Listen to your home library MP3’s from a web browser

SuperSync 3.6 includes a new mobile device reader that allows anyone with an iPad, iPod, or iPhone to access the iTunes content on it–even when not connected to a computer that is running iTunes. SuperSync makes it easy to merge all or a subset of your music and videos from your mobile device, hard drive, laptop, or spare computer directly into another library.

Version 3.6 improves upon its meta data synchronization interface. This feature lets users update tracks that have modified tags and ratings information across multiple libraries (such as album, artist, genre, track number, rating, etc.). For example, where a set of tracks in a library is updated to correct a misspelled artist name or track numbers are added. SuperSync makes it easy to propagate these changes in a track’s "meta-data" to other places where the track is saved in a library.

Example metadata includes volume adjustment, grouping, EQ settings, ratings, played counts and beats-per-minute. For movie files, metadata includes episode number, series, and video kind, such as movie, TV show, or music video. SuperSync makes it easy to move an iTunes library from one machine to another without losing vital metadata.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Mac OS X Version 10.1 to 10.6.3
  • Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel
  • Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
  • 8.3 MB Hard Drive space (50MB free for libraries)
  • 512MB RAM
  • Internet connection

SuperSync lets you easily compare any two music libraries – around the home or over the internet. Tracks that are in both libraries are colored green. Tracks in the local library only are gray, and tracks in the "remote" library are blue. Tracks can be copied to or from either library, turning tracks green in the process.

To synchronize with an Apple mobile device, download and run SuperSync. It will start with a table showing all the tracks in your iTunes library. Plug in the device via USB cable. Select "Connect to iPad/iPhone/iPod" under the Remote menu to connect to the device. Now simply select any or all of the "blue" tracks and click "Synchronize" to copy them from the mobile device to your iTunes library. When done, select Close from the Remote menu.

Pricing and Availability:
This update is free to all registered users. The full registered version is available for $29.00 (USD) for 2-pak, $39.00 for 5-pak, or a best value $49.00 10-pak. 5- and 10-paks can be split among two or more people to keep the cost-per-license down. A demo version is available to try most of the features for a limited number of file transfers. One license is recommended for each computer you keep music on.


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