Super Street Fighter IV arcade release confirmed

Good news for the lucky ones living on the ground Nippon, Super Street Fighter IV has been confirmed for an arcade release archipelago.

Returning a few months back in October specifically to reread statements Yoshinoro Ono, producer of Super Street Fighter IV , who told us that he would be available on PS3 and Xbox 360. A theatrical release was therefore unthinkable arcade at that time.

And then imagine that at a recent tournament in three against three in Street Fighter IV , this same Mr. Ono has apparently made an announcement (at about 2:30 on video) that includes the words "Super Street Fighter IV" and " arch. So, unless he wanted to rub salt into the wound by stating once again that this episode will be exclusive to consoles, it will likely be available on arcade cabinets. And we have only heard the crowd’s reaction to understand the meaning of words Yoshinori Ono.

For us, one day?
It will be recalled that Street Fighter IV had also been launched in arcade, only in Japan, although some firms had made the trip to the United States.

According to Arcade Infinity , Super Street Fighter IV is expected to arrive in Japanese arcades this summer (July / August).

Super Street Fighter IV will land before it on PS3 and Xbox 360 on April 30 next to us.


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