Second Phase of .ES Registrations Launched

Registrations starting from 6th Sept. to 21st Oct.; priority given to organizations who want to register domains related to their businesses.
ESNIC, a department of the, the Spanish ccTLd ‘.es’ registry, yesterday announced that the second phase of the progressive registration starts from September 6 to October 21, 2005.

In the second phase, following the standards set by the plan for promoting .es , has decided to extend the adressees of this reserve period, including all the companies, foundations, associations and holders of commercial names, registered tradenames and other protected rights of industrial property in Spain, independent of the nationality of the organization. Temporary priority is given to organizations who want to register domains related to their business functions. The Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce has established two transitory phases, first of Public Administrations Heads and the second of protected industrial property rights in Spain. From 8th November, the registration proceedings will be based on a ‘first to file system’, whereby the first applicant for a particular domain name will be served first, without any prerequisite.

The new Plan has reduced the registration tariffs by 70% as compared to the old tariffs. According to, the new Plan of .es will serve as a significant mechanism to simplify the legal regulations and reduce the various prohibitions demanded during the allocation of .es domain names in the second phase.


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