SATA3.0 IP for 6Gbps SSD Applications From CEVA

CEVA, Inc., the leading licensor of
silicon intellectual property (SIP) platform solutions and DSP cores,
today announced the availability of the CEVA-SATA3.0 Device Controller
IP. Building on extensive experience with SSD customers, CEVA has
upgraded its SATA Device Controller IP to provide 6Gbps line rate for
faster data transfers, doubling the throughput from the previous
generation. The IP has already been licensed to a leading FLASH memory
semiconductor. manufacturer for use in their future SSD designs.

The CEVA-SATA3.0 IP incorporates the latest Native Command
Queuing (NCQ) specifications for Isochronous data transfers and queue
management which in turn enables prioritized transfers of streaming
audio and video data. In addition, CEVA has further developed the unique
CPU off-loading features of the Controller IP, resulting in
significantly improved overall system performance. With an option to
embed an advanced encryption engine and retaining software compatibility
against the previous SATA 2.6 Controller, the CEVA-SATA3.0 Device
Controller IP offers a compelling SATA solution for both existing and
new licensees.

"Solid State Drives, with their rapid evolution in terms of
capacity, reliability and performance, are becoming the lead adopter for
6Gbps SATA," said Aviv Malinovitch, vice president, Operations at CEVA.
"Our CEVA-SATA3.0 unleashes the full performance potential of
next-generation SSD products while also offering the added benefit of
offloading the CPU by assisting in the processing of the 6Gbps

CEVA-SATA3.0 Device Controller IP is a licensable RTP IP
package, accompanied by a complete set of deliverables including a
comprehensive simulation environment, example C source code and an
FPGA-based demonstration platform. The latter runs at full 6Gbps line
rate and employs the embedded SerDes functions of the latest generation
FPGA products. In addition, example integration reference designs can be
provided for leading 3rd party 6Gbps Phy technology providers. Suitable
for ASIC, ASSP and FPGA deployment, the CEVA-SATA3.0 Controller IP is
ideal for designers looking to implement 6Gbps SATA on next-generation
SSD and other high performance storage products.


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