ioSafe Offers Fireproof Waterproof External Hard Drives

ioSafe today announced its intention to provide people affected by
the recent flooding in the US Northeast with a complimentary fireproof
and waterproof external hard drive.

201 Associates, a New Jersey based IT and strategic business
consulting firm will be coordinating the issuance of ioSafe hard drives
to the victims. "Electronic data belonging to home users and small
businesses is often vulnerable to natural disasters," said Alec Vint,
founder of 201 Associates. "ioSafe provides a simple solution to this

"When disaster strikes and somebody’s computer is damaged in a
flood or fire, it is usually not just a few emails that are lost, it is
also their irreplaceable family photos and videos and possibly
important business data too," said ioSafe CEO, Robb Moore.
"Unfortunately, we might not be able to help people affected by the
recent flood to recover data that they may have already lost, but we can
help them to better protect it in the future."

ioSafe is making 100 ioSafe Solo hard drives available to
people affected by the flooding in the Northeastern US for the next 3
months. To request a drive, people are asked to email ioSafe at website providing their
contact information and a copy of the local authority report describing
the flood damage.

"I’d like to extend this offer to any flood victim in the
Northeast disaster area," said Moore. "I’ll be absolutely delighted if
this small gesture helps some people avoid losing their business data,
photos or other digital memories in future disasters."


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