ViewCast Media Platform Enables Seamless End-to-End Digital Media Management

ViewCast Corporation, a developer of
industry-leading hardware and software for the transformation,
management and delivery of professional quality video over IP and mobile
networks, today unveiled ViewCast Media Platform.
VMp is a unified framework that helps organizations manage the full life
cycle of their digital media content, including IP video. It supports
online video publishing, live video streaming, video on-demand and
digital asset management. The technology obtained through the
acquisition of Ancept in 2009 provides the core functionality of VMp,
including content acquisition, transformation, indexing, workflow and

ViewCast President and CEO Dave Stoner noted that organizations from
all sectors, especially media & entertainment, education,
retail/CPG, finance and government, are looking for new ways to leverage
the power of digital media to attract new audiences, engage with
customers, build brand equity, train and communicate more effectively
with distributed workforces, in order to get products to market faster.
ViewCast provides a single platform to address all of these
requirements. Its unique approach unifies the capabilities of digital
asset management (DAM) for production, video on demand (VOD) systems for
training, enterprise video communication (EVC) systems for mass
communication, on-line video publishing systems for outbound
communications as well as live scheduling and event management.

"Digital media is transforming the way we communicate, educate,
persuade and entertain," Stoner said. "VMp is the first unified solution
to address the many cross-functional objectives that exist in today’s
enterprise. By combining ViewCast’s industry-leading Osprey and Niagara
IP video encoding solutions with the capabilities of VMp, we’ve created
the most comprehensive solution available for driving value with digital
media in today’s IP-centric digital media marketplace."

VMp comprehensively manages the entire lifecycle of digital media,
from capture through delivery, including ingest, transformation,
indexing, governance, enterprise integration, publishing and
distribution capabilities. Its modular architecture provides users with
the flexibility to evolve their VMp implementations as business needs,
objectives and applications change. Comprised of the VMp Live, VMp
Portal and VMp Production modules, VMp affords users the flexibility to
choose the modules that address their unique requirements.

VMp Portal

— Collect, manage, share and publish digital media content easily throughout the enterprise.
— A YouTube-style user interface lets you upload, tag, manage, search, share and view all your audio, video, images and multimedia content.
— Publish or syndicate content to other systems as well as corporate Web sites.

VMp Live

— Schedule, capture and deliver live video to viewers anywhere on the network.
— Manage and operate any number of video encoders while centralizing and automating basic tasks such as start/stop encoding, assign encoding profiles and record feeds.
— Perform functions manually or automatically based on pre-defined schedules.

VMp Production

— Collaborate, centralize, streamline and automate production processes.
— Accommodates a wide variety of media content types, including Microsoft Office documents, Adobe Acrobat PDF files and still image files, in addition to audio and video media.
— Improve workflow business processes while reducing production costs.


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